Basic Reloading Shotgun Shell Instructor $175

This class is the NRA Basic Shotgun Shell Reloading Instructor Class. This
teaches students how to teach the knowledge, skills, attitude necessary to safely
reload shotgun shells. This course is fourteen hours long. Each student is taught
how to teach reloading safety, shotgun shell components, using the reloading
manual and reloading data, equipment, and the shotgun shell reloading
process. Students will receive the instructors manual, NRA Guide to Reloading
Handbook, the Basic Reloading Student Exam, a course completion certificate,
NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, etc. The price doesn't include BIT.

Lessons include:

  • Introduction to NRA Basic Shotgun Shell Reloading Course Outline and Lesson
  • Teaching Lesson I: Introduction to Reloading and Reloading Safety
  • Teaching Lesson II: Shotgun Shell Components
  • Teaching Lesson III: Using the Reloading Manual and Reloading Data
  • Teaching Lesson IV: Shotgun Shell Reloading Equipment
  • Teaching Lesson V: Making the First Shotgun Shells
  • Teaching Lesson VII: Course Review and Examination

Certifications are issued by the NRA Training Dept. There are certification and
processing fees that are paid directly to NRA. The fees are $30 if you are an NRA
member. The fees are $50 if you are not a NRA member. That is for a 2 year
certification. This price doesn't include BIT. Please remember NRA Instructor
courses are performance based courses. Students must possess the knowledge,
skills and attitude necessary for this level of training. You do not pay and
automatically pass instructor training. You pass to have the opportunity to pass.

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