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Shopping for Guns, Ammo and Accessories?

Stop by our local gun store in Amarillo, TX

As a gun owner, you need a reliable place to buy everything you need to shoot safely. Whether you're going hunting, doing target practice or getting a home defense firearm, we have what you need at our gun shop. For over 19 years, Jeff's Gunslingers has been a leading provider of affordable guns, ammo and accessories in Amarillo, TX. Locals visit our gun store to find the equipment they need for everything from pistols to rifles.

Learn About the 4 Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety

Jeff's Gunslingers is more than just a local gun store. Need a Texas license to carry? Our instructor can help. We'll walk you through the proper ways to load your gun, shoot and follow proper gun safety protocols.

One of the first important things to learn is the cardinal rules of gun safety. These include:

  • Always Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction
  • Always Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until You Are Ready To Shoot
  • Always Keep The Gun Unloaded Until You Are Ready To Use
  • Know Your Target and What Is Beyond

We teach everyone from kids ages nine and up how to shoot safely and hunt. To sign up for your first class, call 806-433-0435 now.

Get the Proper Training to Handle a Gun Properly

Maybe you need training before you buy your first gun. Maybe you're an experienced gun owner who wants to train others to protect themselves. Either way, we have a class for you. Our certified trainer offers gun safety, hunting, instructor and license to carry classes in Amarillo, TX.

Reach out to us to speak with an experienced gun safety instructor or Texas license to carry instructor today.