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The world can be a dangerous place. You never know when your life could be threatened, which is why you need to prepare to protect those that you love. To defend yourself and others from dangerous criminals, get your license to carry permit from Jeff's Gunslingers. We're proud to offer gun safety classes for residents of Amarillo, TX.

Don't become a victim - call 806-433-0435 now to sign up for a license to carry class.

Check out our training courses

If you want to learn how to properly aim, fire and load your gun, you've come to the right place. Our gun safety classes come in three categories, including:

  • Hunting training - learn how to kill your prey ethically, clean it and prep the meat
  • Beginner's training - lock down the basics like a proper grip, gun safety and aiming
  • Advanced training - take your training to the next level by learning tactical cover and concealment

For our beginner classes and hunter education courses, we'll provide a gun and ammo if necessary.

To learn more about our license to carry classes, contact us today. We look forward to answering any of your questions.

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