On the Hunt for Gun Accessories and Ammo?

Stop by our gun shop in Amarillo, TX

Wondering where to buy ammo? If you're a resident of Amarillo, TX, you've come to the right place for ammo of all kinds. Jeff's Gunslingers has ammo for everything from pistols to shotguns. We also sell new and used gun accessories in our gun shop.

Gun owners use their firearms for hunting, home defense and sport. No matter what you're using your firearm for, we can help you find the add-ons that you'll need. We'll help you choose the right:

  • Scope for your rifle before hunting season starts
  • Ammo that can't be found in local stores
  • Magazine for your home defense firearm

Now that you know where to buy ammo, visit our shop ASAP. Or check out our online store. The pros at our gun shop look forward to helping you get the best deal in town on ammo and accessories for your firearm.


Used Guns

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New Guns

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glock 19 gen 3
glock 19 gen 5 mos
glock 19 gen 5
glock 43
glock 43x mos
glock 43x
heritage black pearl 6
heritage coco 4
heritage dead man 6
heritage farmer 6
heritage farmers 4
rock island 1911 9mm
rock island 1911 45acp
rock island m200
ruger 1022 bx25
ruger mkiv target
sccy cpx2 black silver
sccy cpx2 black
smith shield ez 9mm no safety
smith shield ez 9mm with safety
smith shield ez 380acp no safety
smith shield ez 380acp with safety
smith sport II flat
smith sport II standard
springfield garrison black
springfield garrison stainless
springfield hellcat pro
springfield sa35
springfield xd 9mm
sccy cpx1 black