Jeff has been a gun dealer since 2003. Jeff has been an instructor since 2005. Jeff's certifications include:

NRA Training Counselor, NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Certifications Disciplines - Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home, Muzzleloading Rifle, Muzzleloading Pistol, Muzzleloading Shotgun, Shotgun Shell Reloading, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Home Firearm Safety, Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA/BSA Train the Trainer Pistol Marksmanship and Safety Instructor(1 of 7 in the United States), Texas Parks and Wildlife Area Chief and Master Hunter Education Instructor(Jeff is in the TPWD Hunter Education Instructor Hall of Fame), USCCA Affiliate Instructor, NAPSI Foundational Member, NAPSI Approved Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor, NAPSI Senior Instructor Trainer, Regional Master Instructor for the Second Amendment Foundation, Jeff is an NRA Recruiter. Jeff is a Endowment Lifetime NRA Member. Jeff is a member of several other 2nd amendment organizations. Jeff is a competitive shooter in multiple disciplines. NRA Distinguished Expert (Pistol, Defensive Pistol I and II, Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays), Freelance writer, commentator on the Cold Dead Hands Saloon Podcast, Gun and Gear Review, and much more. Jeff handles all of the Marketing, Advertising and Media for the Pioneer Gun Collectors Association. Jeff believes in giving back to the community - has coached youth soccer and football, helps with 4-H, has been an active member in the Boy Scouts of America running summer camps, shooting activities, serving as Committee Chair, etc.

Wayne Hardin


Wayne began at Jeff's Gunslingers in 2007 as an Associate Manager. It didn't take long for Jeff to realize Wayne's knowledge and experience. Wayne was promoted to Manager in 2008. Wayne is our research person. If Wayne doesn't know the answer, then he will find it out. Wayne is very knowledgeable in multiple areas of the gun market including optics, components, etc. Wayne is an avid hunter and goes out every opportunity that he gets. Wayne began competitive shooting in 2010. Wayne currently compete in the Bianchi Cup, Multi-Gun, Steel Challenge, USPSA, Sporting Clays, the Rimfire Challenge, etc. Wayne believes in taking training classes like the MAG-40 class that he took from Massad Ayoob In 2013. Wayne is a Benefactor Life NRA Member, and a member of several other 2nd amendment organizations.

Jim Srygley


Jim has been a mentor for Jeff since he was born. He helped build the work ethic and love of the shooting sports(hunting, clay shooting, plinking, etc) in Jeff. He has been an integral part in getting the business established and has helped in every capacity of the business. He is a NRA Range Safety officer. He loves to volunteer to help on the range at the many shooting events in the area from Boy Scouts to Friends of the NRA, etc. He loves hunting and fishing. He has been shooting for over 65 years. He says that he is retired, but he still shows up almost every day.

James Novak


James has been a part of Jeff's Gunslingers team for about 1 1/2 years now. James helps in several areas of the store. When he is at the store, he spends most of the time helping in the firearms and ammo area. He is a member of several shooting clubs and NRA. He has been shooting for almost 40 years. He grew up shooting and hunting. We haven't found a firearm that he doesn't like. He is continually trying to learn more about the various guns, ammo and accessories that are offered in the industry. If James doesn't know the answer, then he will research it. He is going to become a NRA Range Safety Officer in the near future.

Tony Scoggin


Tony has been a part of Jeff's Gunslingers team for close to 4 years now. He is in charge of the gunsmith duties. He is a NRA Pistol Instructor and a NRA Range Safety Officer. He is a Class III security officer. He is a AGI gunsmith as well. He has attended several NRA classes including Basic Pistol and Personal protection classes. He has attended First Ai, CPR, and Gunshot Wound first aid. He has a lot of shooting interests. His shooting interests include 3-Gun, IDPA, and SASS. You might know him as Marshall Tin Star. He also enjoys teaching people how to shoot. He teaches prep classes for concealed carry and defensive carry. He also teaches the youth and women shooting from the basics to competition. He is the Chief Advisory for Texas Ladies and Lead Club
(Safety and Procedures). He also gives back to several organizations. He has been the Adobe Walls Friends of the NRA co-chair for 7 years, a committee member of the Adobe Walls Friends of the NRA for 2 years and Vice President of the Pampa Rifle and Pistol Club for 10 years.

Robert L Hill Jr.


I have loved and respected guns, my whole life. I started shooting at age 7. I have been shooting for almost 40 years. .I'm a certified gunsmith of 15 years. I am a NRA Certified pistol instructor. I am a NRA certified Range Safety Officer. I'm also a NRA lifetime member. I am a lifetime Texas State Rifle Association member. I am an active member of one Gun Club and a gun range. I shoot competition as well. I have placed second in four different caliber Bullseye competitions. which include 2 time winner 22LR pistol, 22LR revolver and 38 special. I enjoy going hunting with my handgun and my crossbow . I enjoy fishing. I reload quite a bit. I reload a lot of different calibers, but I only love one caliber - the 10mm. It provides enough power against four-legged threats or two legged threats. Words I tell and live by "Stay ready you don't have to get ready".

Jason Stone


I'm the office old /classic firearms and military firearms specialist. I have a fondness for historical military and other firearms due to my military brat upbringing. I enjoy the old guns and what they have to offer. Being a USAF Brat i enjoy history and older firearms. I did shoot in idpa and club bullseye tournaments. I have worked in security for the last 20 years. Ii can help others get what they need for work .I've been shooting since i was 6 when my grandfather(a TX highway patrolman) started me on a little old single shot. I try to help and get customers what they need. I enjoy helping folks find out things about their firearms and history to learn new things. I am a NRA Range Safety Officer.