Did You Purchase a Firearm Online?

You'll need to arrange for firearm transfer services in Amarillo, TX

If you need firearm transfer services, turn to the experts. Jeff's Gunslingers has experience helping residents of the Amarillo, TX area claim firearms they have purchased online. You can trust us to get your firearm to you in good condition. Plus, our affordable flat-rate firearm transfer services cost just $25 for non LTC holder and $20 for LTC holder.

Schedule gun transfer services by contacting us today.

Not sure if you qualify for gun transfer services?

In order to qualify for gun transfer services, you need to:

  • Pass a federal background check
  • Be 18 years or older if you're transferring a long gun
  • Be 21 years or older if you're transferring a handgun
  • Have a valid government-issued ID
  • Have a valid address

Please note that Class 3 firearms are not eligible for firearm transfer. Learn more about our gun transfer services by calling 806-433-0435 now.

  • Transfer Fee is $25 for Non-License to Carry Holders and $20 for License to Carry Holders(Texas) per firearm.

  • The customer will be expected to pick up their transfer within 10 business days of being contacted.

  • After 10 business days, if the transfer has not been picked up the customer will be assessed a daily storage fee of $5/day beginning on the 11th day.

  • After 30 calendar days, if the firearm has not been picked up, the firearm will be considered abandoned and it will be absorbed into store stock with no expectation of any further compensation to the customer.

  • If the customer is denied or decides that they don't want the firearm for any reason when picking up a transfer, they will be responsible for the cost of return shipping to the transferring FFL (including additional packing materials if needed) as well as the initial transfer fee of $25 for Non-License to Carry Holders and $20 for License to Carry Holders(Texas).

  • Firearms will only be transferred to the customer designated and the packing materials included with the shipment.
  • By having a firearm shipped to Jeff's Gunslingers you certify that you understand and accept the transfer policy.